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Food and Drink Bulgaria Association' statement on 22 January 2019 vote

Statement of the Food and Drink Bulgaria Association on the vote on 22 January 2019 of the Report " Better Implementation and Modernization of Consumer Protection in the European Union" by the European Parliament's Committee of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. It was decided to include a new "double standards" regulation in Annex 1 - Prohibited Practices to the Consumer Protection Directive.

The Food and Drink Bulgaria Association welcomes the decision of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament for the texts concerning the "double standards" discussion to take into account some legitimate reasons for differences in the recipes of products such as " clear local consumer preferences "," use of local products "and" local legislation requirements ", which is beneficial for consumers and for stimulating the national (Bulgarian) economy.

The full Statement you could find in the attached file

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