A Bulgarian grain of wheat reaches 34 countries in the world with the dessert KitKat

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A part of Bulgaria reaches 34 countries in the world with each KitKat® chocolate dessert that came out of the Nestle factory in Sofia. It is one of the five centers of the world leader for food and beverages for the production of KitKat® chocolate bars for the region of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Every year Nestle Bulgaria buys over 2,500 tons of Bulgarian flour on an annual basis, which are used in production. Thus, waffle crusts made in Bulgaria, which are a major component of the dessert bar, are made from 100% Bulgarian flour. The factory in Sofia produces KitKat® bars for export to 34 markets around the world and thus tons of Bulgarian flour reach countries including South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Qatar, South Africa and the Caribbean.

Nestlé's Sofia plant produces more than 2,500,000 KitKat® chocolate desserts per day or 1,736 bars per minute. Bulgarian flour of the highest class is used to make the waffle crusts. The wheat used to make KitKat® is processed in the high-tech mill produced by the Sofia Mel brand and works directly with over 90 suppliers. The mill is equipped with professional machines for cleaning the grain before grinding, and the process of grain processing is fully automated, which allows strict quality control throughout the production process.

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