I develop the business by developing the people

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Darina Stoyanova, Executive Director of Prestige, for traditions, innovations, company culture, role models and the thin line between confidence and arrogance

- Ms. Stoyanova, you are a successful manager of two companies from completely different industries - before Henkel, now Prestige. How do you manage to stay ahead of time in so many different businesses? What is more important for a successful manager - his qualities as a leader or knowledge of the sector?

- What I do does not depend on the industry or the country in which I work. I owe every success to the people on my team. My mission has always been to grow the business by developing the people who work for it, to build successful teams. The strength of the team is much more than the sum of the people in it. I believe in the importance of the spirit and energy of the team. I believe that the unique spirit and culture in a team are its biggest competitive advantage.

Knowledge of a sector or area is a relative thing. Knowledge must be constantly acquired. I don't feel like an expert on any subject - the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know enough. I constantly strive to learn, to develop, to expand my horizons, to communicate with interesting people.

I was brought up to be very responsible, to raise my bar higher and higher. Just because you achieved something yesterday is no guarantee that you will succeed tomorrow. But it gives you confidence, courage and confidence that you have already coped with similar or even more difficult situations. This helps.

My self-criticism and ability to question my own judgment also helps me. There is a very thin line between having confidence and courage in your decisions and becoming arrogant, believing that you know everything. Or in between rejoicing in your success and relaxing, becoming too complacent. In order not to cross these thin boundaries, it is important to know yourself well, to be able to look into the eyes of others. I think I do.

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