Enjoy food, today and tomorrow!                Eat well, live well!  What we eat and how we eat it is both a pleasure and an art!

Today in Europe, we have access to a wider variety and quality of food and drinks that our grandparents could only have dreamt of. However, with our hectic modern lives, people may experience a lack of balance in how much they consume, affecting the quality of their health and lifestyles.

Food for tomorrow’s consumer

Step-changing the innovation power and impact of the industry to the benefit of a sustainable society.

Responsible marketing and advertising

We recognize the need to ensure that all advertising and marketing communications is legal, decent and truthful.

We believe that self-regulation is the best way to impose high professional standards and responsible marketing campaigns with care about consumers

Consumer information

Clear and concise labelling provides consumers with nutritional information and enables them to make informed choices. These choices are made possible through a better understanding of how much of the energy and key nutrients exist in a portion and how much this represents in relation to the daily dietary intake of an average person.

Latest Activities

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Food and Drink Bulgaria Association participates in a forum within FOODTECH

Organizer of the Forum "The Business informs- the consumer choses" is the Association of meat processors in Bulgaria. It was attended by branch organizations from the food and beverage indus...

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Food and Drink Bulgaria participated in a round table discussion "Fight against food waste in Bulgaria"

The forum was hosted by the Center for Risk Assessment of the Food Chain of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.   Representatives of non-governmental organizations, representati...

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Members of the Food Drink Bulgaria Association's Managing Board met with the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porozhanov

On October 18, 2018 members of the  Food Drink Bulgaria Association  met with the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porozhanov and experts from the ministry. In the spirit of...

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There are no harmful foods, there are harmful amounts

In Bulgaria there is no double standard in food, we have the confidence of a quality food producer as a state and a nation and we will prove it through the initial 18-month special study on this issue in our country. This was shared by most of the participants in today's first Manager magazine forum - Responsible Producers. More



Iana Ivanova on TV+

The double quality for food on the East-West axis is a myth, said Iana Ivanova, Executive Director of "Food and Drink Bulgaria" Association. More



Iana Ivanova on Darik radio

We welcome the fact that European MEPs have not succumbed to purely populist talks, and that the text that has been negotiated in the trilogue procedure and has been achieved,and we hope to be voted on April 16, is a text that goes into the depth of the problem. More



About us

Launched in 2018, Food Drink Bulgaria is the voice of the food and drink industry towards stakeholders and authorities. Food Drink Bulgaria brings together and popularizes the positions of its members in areas such as food safety and research, health and nutrition, consumer trust and choice, competitiveness and environmental sustainability, improving the regulatory framework and enhancing self-regulation.

The founders of the Association are some of the largest international and local companies operating in Bulgaria in the food and drink sector.
Food and Drink Bulgaria is a member of FooddrinkEurope - the most influential European organization in the food and beverage industry.
The organization is open to all companies and branch organizations in the sector.