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Second Annual Conference "Responsible Producers"

The challenges facing the FMCG sector set by the COVID-19 pandemic were at the core of the Second Annual Conference "Responsible Producers", organized by Manager magazine in partnership with...

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Food Drink Bulgaria Association Executive Director Iana Ivanova participated in the International Conference "Developing international cooperation on a regional level"

The forum was opened by Deputy Minister of Economy Lilia Ivanova and CCP Chairman Dimitar Margaritov. It was attended by representatives of consumer organizations, institutions and businesses....

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Food and Drinks Bulgaria Association at the Forum "Trends in the Food Industry and Environmental Protection"

The discussion forum on "Trends in the Food Industry and Environmental Protection" is part of the International FoodTech 2020, AGRA 2020 and WINERY 2020 exhibitions. The discussions focus...

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Juerg Burkhalter: Our goal is always one and the same – to be the best and to always stay close to our customers and consumers

Coca‑Cola has been on the Bulgarian market for 55 years. What makes the country a popular market for your company? Coca‑Cola has a very rich and vast history in Bulgaria of which we are very proud and thankful. The production launched back in 1965 in Plovdiv, making Bulgaria the first country in the ex-socialist block to bottle the product. What makes it even more special is the fact that for the first time, the Coca‑Cola trademark was transla...



Coca‑Cola launches first new campaign since lockdown: “Open Like Never Before”

Coca‑Cola launches a new campaign, “Open Like Never Before”, its first since Covid-19 changed the world in so many ways. In April Coca‑Cola temporarily suspended all planned marketing activity at global level and in Bulgaria, redirecting resources towards communities and supporting its most affected retail partners. Alongside its bottling partners and The Coca‑Cola Foundation, the company pledged to donate more than $100m glob...



The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria gratuitously provides advertising as a part of a programme supporting its commercial partners

The value of the investment programmes of The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria in the communities, the small commercial outlets and the HoReCa industry from the beginning of the pandemic up to date adds up to over BGN 1 096 000 The Coca‑Cola System in Bulgaria starts up a special programme for supporting the restaurant industry. Possibility for personalized advertisements shall be provided through it to over 800 restaurants and cafes in the cou...



About us

Launched in 2018, Food Drink Bulgaria is the voice of the food and drink industry towards stakeholders and authorities. Food Drink Bulgaria brings together and popularizes the positions of its members in areas such as food safety and research, health and nutrition, consumer trust and choice, competitiveness and environmental sustainability, improving the regulatory framework and enhancing self-regulation.

The founders of the Association are some of the largest international and local companies operating in Bulgaria in the food and drink sector.
Food and Drink Bulgaria is a member of FooddrinkEurope - the most influential European organization in the food and beverage industry.
The organization is open to all companies and branch organizations in the sector.