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Our strategy is "green", "clean", "local" and "together" Borislava Nalbantova, "Devin's" executive director in the annual Bglobal business survey

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1. What are your expectations for 2024, for your business and for the Bulgarian economy?
1. As a market leader in its sector, Devin develops the mineral and spring water categories and actively introduces consumers to the benefits of proper hydration and types of water. This is how we fulfill our purpose of connecting people and nature for a healthier life – today and in the future. Research shows that Bulgarians are increasingly interested not only in what they eat, but also in what they drink, and turn to natural mineral and spring waters for hydration because of their proven advantages. We believe in the future of this beverage category because health is a primary motive for consumers. As before, and in the future, we will attach great importance to innovation from the point of view of user experience. These can be in the form of new packaging: at Devin we have offered a stack of 6 bottles of 1.8 liters with an excellent design. Or new flavors - like DEVIN Minerals and Vitamins, very well received on the market.
In relation to the Bulgarian economy in 2024, the control of inflation and the timely implementation of the policies and projects of the institutions are particularly important.

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