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Data & Trends of the European Food and Drink Industry 2022

FoodDrinkEurope’s latest Data & Trends 2022 report is now available, providing comprehensive statistics and insights on the EU food and drink industry.

Data & Trends 2022 shows that the EU food and drink industry employs 4.6 million people, generates a turnover of €1.1 trillion and €230 billion in value added, making it one of the largest manufacturing industries in the EU. In half of the EU’s 27 Member States, the food and drink industry is the biggest manufacturing employer. This year’s edition includes the latest data on sustainability, the EU-UK food and drink trade, consumer expectations, and a look at our food future.

Data & Trends 2022 also provides an outlook on markets. About 60% of EU food and drink exports are destined for the Single Market. At the same time, the EU is the largest exporter of food and drink products in the world with exports outside the EU reaching €156 billion and a trade surplus of €73 billion. The report also includes a ranking of the top 50 food and drink companies in the world.

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