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Danone presents the new Actimel recyclable packaging

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Packaging is an important element to the food and beverages that the company offers, but it should not be at the account of the environment. Danone believes that supporting the immune system is not the only focus of the Actimel brand. That's whay, it takes specific actions to improve  the environmental performance of its packaging - the elimination of the graphic label that used to cover the bottles, transferring all useful information onto the primary packaging. This means that this bottle is designed in a way that allows it to enter the collection and recycling streams instead of becoming waste. Thus, the bottle gets a "second life" - it is given the opportunity to be recycled into another product.
New Actimel bottles are fully recyclable, except for the caps, because they are too small to be properly sorted out in the assembly line. Therefore they are "only" 99% recyclable and the remaining 1% is the cap.
This is part of  Danone's long-term strategy, built on 3 pillars: Health, Nature and People and Communities.