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The fourteenth Scientific and Practical Conference "Trends in food and beverage packaging - safety, quality, ecology and regulatory framework"

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 The Food Drink  Bulgaria Association participated in the Fourteenth Scientific and Practical Conference "Trends in the packaging of food and beverages - safety, quality, ecology and regulatory framework". During the forum, novelties and innovations regarding different types of packaging were discussed. The issue of introducing a deposit system in the country and achieving a full circular model of used packaging was also raised.

"Plastic Pact Bulgaria - an initiative of responsible business in Bulgaria" was presented by Iana Ivanova, executive director of the Food Drink Bulgaria Association. The Association is the initiator of the idea of ​​creating a Bulgarian Pact as part of a growing global network, which currently includes national and regional PlasticsPacts in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, Kenya, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, USA, France , Chile and South Africa. The "PLASTIC PACT Bulgaria" initiative, which unites industry organizations, companies and state institutions with the aim of reducing waste from plastic packaging and the utilization of plastic as a raw material in the circular economy of Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria's only National competition for the best packaging, the companies producing packaging that combine innovative design and good labeling and at the same time guarantee safe and functional storage and convenience for the user, with the best physicomechanical and physicochemical qualities, were awarded. Among the awardees are the  Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria and Nestle Bulgaria