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Food Drink Bulgaria Association participates in the forum "Give a hand to the food"

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On 6-th of February 2020, the food industry forum  "Give a hand to the food!" was held.  The possibilities for the development of food banking in Bulgaria were discussed on the forum organized by the Bulgarian Food Bank jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. In the "Give a Hand for Food" campaign, for each $ 1 donation, the organization provides 10 servings of food. The forum marked the 8th year since the establishment of the Bulgarian Food Bank.

Bulgaria has a plan and program in place to reduce food waste. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Dessislava Taneva at the food industry forum. Their implementation will be through the Law on the management of the agro-food chain, which is to be considered in the National Assembly.

There are surpluses on the food path from the producer to the consumer for various reasons. Most often this decent food is thrown away. The Bulgarian Food Bank works every day to provide opportunities for excess but decent food to be shared. The interaction of the food industry with food banking is a proven process that integrates business into its operational work. During the forum, good practices and achievements of business and food banking were shared, both in Bulgaria and worldwide.

The Executive Director of Danon Serdika AD Ms. Daniela Uzunova was among the speakers at the forum with a presentation: “Danon Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Food Bank - 8 Years Care for Food”. "Since the establishment of the food bank in 2012, Danon's products for more than BGN 2 million have been donated to the organisation ," said Ms. Uzunova.

As this year America for Bulgaria, which is the main sponsor of the Bulgarian Food Bank, will cease its financial support, the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Food Bank Mrs. Tsanka Malinova called on all socially responsible companies to support the organization in order to continue and expand its organization. activity.