JOBS in BG: What is it look like to work as CFO of Devin

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Lydia Taseva-Peeva, who manages the financial processes in the bottling company, talks about the profession and the opportunities

What are the main responsibilities of the Devin's CFO?
My main responsibilities are related to achieving the set goals for the company, managing its financial stability and finding new opportunities to improve results. A essential part of my responsibilities are related to the introduction, maintenance and improvement of internal processes in the organization.
How does a typical working day go?
Every day is very dynamic, full of numerous working meetings with different teams and requires coordination, flexibility and clear definition of priorities. An integral part of daily responsibilities is the care of the team and the proper distribution of responsibilities.
What kind of skills and qualities are needed for this profession?
In the modern and dynamic world, the requirements for technical knowledge are a necessity, but they are far from sufficient for high professionalism in the field of finance. Personal motivation,thirst for knowledge, curiosity for details and in depth analysis of certain events, as well as the ability to think outside the box when solving problems are some of the most important qualities. Team motivation skills, changes management, as well as successful negotiations are also key abilities. All these qualities are acquired and upgraded by the accumulation of professional experience over the years

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