DEVIN donates nearly 57 tons of water to the Bulgarian red cross

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Bulgaria's bottled water market leader DEVIN donates nearly 100,000 bottles of mineral water 0.5 and over 5,000 bottles of spring water 1.5 at a total value of over BGN 50,000 to the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) for the situation in Pernik and the lack of drinking water for the residents of the municipality.

In the last few years DEVIN has donated more than 100,000 liters of bottled water to the BRC, helping hundreds of thousands of people in need, including the floods in Macedonia, 2016, storms and disasters in Northwest, Northeast and South Bulgaria in 2017 and 2018, as well as other humanitarian activities of the BRC.

DEVIN has an ongoing long-standing support for the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) through the provision of funds and products to assist people in need. Donations are used for campaigns dedicated to hydration, health and safety of citizens, as well as in times of natural disasters, crises or other emergencies.

As a responsible company, DEVIN invests in the social, economic and cultural development of Bulgaria and strives to respond in the best way to the requirements of its customers and to the needs of the society. The company's efforts are also focused on the conservation of natural resources, as well as the reduction of its environmental footprint.