Devin continues to support Pernik municipality

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Bottled water company Devin donated another 23 tons of natural spring and mineral water to the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) in bottles of 1.5 L for the support of Pernik municipality under water restrictions. With this activity, the company is among the biggest corporate donors in the crisis situation having a contribution of nearly 80 tons of drinking natural mineral and spring water worth over BGN 61,000 in the past two weeks.  

“I will allow myself to quote the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, who already in the 1st century BC said that there are healthy physically and mentally inhabitants where people drink good quality water. That is why we are grateful to DEVIN not only for the timely support regarding the crisis situation in Pernik and the lack of drinking water there, but also for the assistance they have always provided in the BRC's humanitarian actions in various crisis situations. DEVIN is our long-standing partner and a friend who is an example of a socially responsible company open to the needs of the community”, Chairman of the Bulgarian Red Cross Hristo Grigorov said.

“DEVIN is committed to helping the residents of Pernik as it has helped other Bulgarian communities in times of need in the past. This additional support we announce today will help the Bulgarian Red Cross to continue deliver aid for the Municipality. I’m very proud of our team because every one of our over 500 employees across the country has contribution and involvement“, said Thomas Krennbauer, CEO of DEVIN.