Bottled water per capita consumption in Bulgaria grows to 96 L in 2019

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The results mirror growing global health and convenience trends, yet the country still lacks behind other markets in the Balkan region

The Bulgarian bottled water market grows by 5,1% in volume in 2019 according to AC Nielsen Bulgaria. Devin JSC internal data from  research agencies estimates the market size to over 660 million liters total.  

“We see a steady growth in per capita consumption of bottled water – reaching nearly 96 liters on average in 2019. This rise is part of an ongoing healthy trend – Bulgarian consumers more frequently choose natural bottled water instead of alternatives, among them alcohol-free beverages. Back in 2010 consumption was below 63 liters on average per person so we see an overall increase of nearly 52% over almost 10-years period. Yet, Bulgaria is far behind other markets in the region in terms of bottled water consumption – for example Greece marks 135 liters per capita in 2019, Romania - 111 liters per capita”, said Thomas Krennbauer, Devin CEO.

In 2019 Devin JSC achieved excellent performance within a highly competitive and complex market. The company sustains its clear market leadership for over a decade and continues to be the main driver of the whole category, introducing global best practices to the market and operating under the highest international standards. Production grew by 5,6% in number of bottles compared to 2018 and BGN 6.6 million were invested in the Devin plant operation. The company achieved excellent brand performance – DEVIN (mineral, spring and air altogether) and Divna increase by 9% and 7% respectively in revenue. 2019 saw the launch of an innovation – a new mineral and spring bottle of 1 L for the on-the-go occasion. Supported with digital activation and communication, the new bottle met strong positive feedback from consumers and achieved a 55% increase over the initial target.     

About Devin JSC

Since its creation in 1992, Devin EAD has been a leader in the bottled water market in Bulgaria. The water sources and the bottling site are located in an ecologically clean area in the Devin region, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, where DEVIN products come from - spring, mineral and carbonated water, as well as Divna table water. The company is the exclusive distributor of Red Bull energy drinks and Granini fruit juices for Bulgaria.

The company is headquartered in Sofia and has its own sales and distribution network with national coverage. Devin JSC is a responsible corporate citizen who invests in the economic, social and cultural development of society through initiatives aimed at regional development, environmental protection and education.

As of 2017, the company is part of the Belgian Spadel Group, a leading bottled water producer in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and France.