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Iana Ivanova participated in a seminar for journalists - The Specific features of the Food System

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Iana Ivanova, Executive Director of the Food and Drinks Bulgaria Association, participated in a seminar for journalists on the topic "Specific features in the Food System".

It is a Center for Research and Analysis initiatives, in the implementation of the FIT4FOOD 2030 project, and aims to provide new knowledge and examples of good practices in the food system.

Topics were related to food control and safety, double quality in food products, urban farming and child nutrition. The seminar was attended by renowned scientists and experts. The presentations were followed by an open discussion.

Iana Ivanova acquainted the participants of the seminar with the position of the Association Food and Drinks Bulgaria on the topic of "double quality". In the presentation "Double Food Quality - Myths and Reality", the following myths were argued:

1. Any difference in the recipe is a difference in quality.

2. There is a difference in quality in the east-west axis.

Members of the Food and Drinks Bulgaria Association are convinced that the unification of the recipes would lead to increased Euroscepticism,  the price of some products will increase, to closure of enterprises and job closure. The users would not like the unification either, since each market has specific taste preferences.

In April 2019 The European Parliament has voted on a package of measures " Better enforcement and modernisation of EU consumer protection rules", with changes to four directives. 

Iana Ivanova introduced the the following steps: “The package of measures will be transposed into the local legislation. Industry representatives expect that this will be done correctly and at a high professional level. "