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"Bread, wine, a little chocolate - strength, passion and ecstasy all in one"

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The forum is organized by the President of the NBА of bakers and pastry chefs in Bulgaria Mariana Kukusheva, together with the Association of Winemakers and its President Margarita Hristova and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests and the State Fund for Agriculture and Food Drink Bulgaria  Assosiation. It was a part of the Interfood & Drink exhibition.

Among the special guests of the tasting was Professor Donka Baikova - a prominent nutritionist and dietitian. "I cannot understand people's  attempts to starve. There is no movement without gasoline. There is a balance, knowledge of the intricacies of eating," said Prof. Baikova. During the forum Bulgarian white and red wines were presented by the sommelier Zhivko Enchev, freshly baked white and whole grain bread  and the Chocolate and Chocolate Desserts were provided by the "Food Drink Bulgaria" Association were tasted.